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As a father of two adult children, there was a point in time when I realized that as much as I love my son and daughter there are certain vital things they will need throughout their lives that I do not have the capacity to provide. When they began school, I realized I couldn’t always be with them to protect them. When my daughter was an infant and had trouble breathing, I couldn’t help her breathe. These were humbling and disturbing discoveries that literally drove me to my knees. It caused me to recognize my need and dependency on the LORD to do for my children what I was not able to do, and they were not able to do for themselves.

My heart for my children tends to mirror how I perceive the LORD’s heart is towards me. I desire to be engaged in the activities of their lives. I am concerned about the things that concern them. I want what is best for them. I want them to know that I love them unconditionally and that they can count on me to keep my word.

The difficult part is when the relationship with my son and daughter feels fractured because I perceive they are avoiding me, or we have a disagreement, or they are making life choices that I believe may have a negative impact in their life. This also mirrors my relationship with the LORD. Sometimes my heart is distant from Him. Sometimes I do things contrary to the LORD’s commands. I have made poor choices that have led to painful consequences.

In my desire for my children to live their best life, I realize the importance of leading by example. It is wrong and ineffective for me to provide spiritual leadership for my family with a do as I say, not as I do attitude. Through prayer, reading the Bible, and encouraging books on prayer by Mark Batterson, Richard Foster, Jodie Berndt, and others, I felt strongly compelled to seek out encouragement and accountability from other Christian dads to help me.

The ministry of Dads in Prayer was born out of a desire the LORD placed in my heart to partner with a small group of men for support and encouragement in providing spiritual leadership for my family through prayer. While I pray each day with my wife, I found having a friendly environment to share with other men who
can relate to the unique experiences of a father has been of great value. I was happy to find out that many other dads felt the same way. Dads in Prayer groups have been meeting since 2014 and have become a source of new and long-lasting friendships. We believe a dad’s relationship with the LORD grows best through prayer, reading the Bible, and being engaged in community with other Christian dads.

Another important note is that Dads in Prayer is not exclusive to biological fathers, grandfathers, stepfathers, or adopted fathers. We believe every man should answer the call to be a father to someone who needs a paternal role model. Readings and discussion questions have been created and guidelines provided to make it easy for a dad to start and lead a Dads in Prayer group. The theme of the devotions center around the L.I.F.E. mission of Dads in Prayer:

  1.  Legacy – passing on a legacy of faith and obedience to Jesus Christ to every generation that follows us;
  2.  Invitation – inviting the LORD each day to participate in the lives and activities of our families;
  3.  Faith – standing firm on the truth and promises of God’s word, especially in the face of adversity an
  4.  Encouragement – leading our families by example and lovingly encouraging all men to embrace the role of Christian fatherhood. All of this is centered around
    growing in an authentic prayer relationship with our heavenly Father.

Fatherhood is the LORD’s idea. It is the LORD’s desire that every son and daughter be covered with loving commitment and Christian prayer by a dad. The LORD gives us this role and responsibility to represent Him to our family and through our family. The LORD wants dads to succeed in carrying out His plan for families. It is through prayer that we receive direction to fulfill the LORD’s good intentions.My brother, you do not have to do fatherhood alone. Let’s do this together.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go
African Proverb

Your brother in Christ,
Bill Leach
Dads in Prayer
Malachi 4:6

Dads in Prayer
Executive Director
Bill Leach with his dad.

A Tribute to My Dad

My dad was always present for me. Because he was always present, it helps me have confidence that the LORD is always present with me. Because my dad always wanted what is best for me, I know that my heavenly father always has what is best for me. He called me son. His presence shaped my identity. I am who I am because I wanted to be the man I perceived my father expected me to be.